The Story of Em's Bread.


I started Em's Sourdough Bread in Dayton Ohio in 1993.  I was a mother of three small children and wanted to work in the home so I could also participate with all of the kid's activities.  It worked out great. OK, it was hard, waking up at 4am to bake, getting the kids up and off to school, delivering bread, buying supplies and doing all of the things that mothers do, but I truly enjoyed it.    Em's Sourdough Bread was sold at Dorothy Lane Market, Zink's Meats, Hidden Valley Fruit Farm and several other restaurants and small stores.  My youngest was three at the time and he would go on deliveries with me.  He would also sit in on any business meetings. At one point he asked the manager of the local Kroger's store if he could have his own shelf to sell his bread, which he called "Washmush". The manager said yes and the "Washmush" became a big seller, most people call it Cinnamon Rolls.    In 1998 My husband was transferred to Shreveport Louisiana so I shut down the business. I continued to bake the bread in a wonderful cafe called "Cush's Grocery". If you are ever in Shreveport you should have lunch there.   Move forward 22 years and here I am, back at my roots.    That starter has been with me through 3 houses in Dayton, 1 house in Shreveport and 3 houses in Cincinnati.  It has gone on vacations with me, from Lake Erie to Colorado.  Friends have watched it and at times, it has not behaved well.  Once, while I was out of town, it exploded in my neighbors refrigerator.  It truly has had  a life of its own.  I am at Plan B of my life and have decided to start baking again as a career.  My starter has decided to cooperate with me on this journey and has grown to its' former glory.  I hope you all enjoy it!  Any feedback is welcome.  My email is